Media consulting

Corporations and sports organizations invest billions in athletes, teams and endorsees. Much of this investment is intended to build a strong brand association, which is expressed through the media.

Building the brand message through media is not often optimized. When the camera is on one of your athletes and the interviewer has mic in hand, how much of what is communicated is beneficial to selling your products?

Is your investment in sponsorship and endorsements measurable? What are the key indicators used to qualify each investment a success or failure?

There's a better way. Strategic using both proven social science theory and sales-based planning:

Craft narrative for endorsees that produces behavioral change in consumers using proven social science and communication theories:

  • Social proof
  • Social identity
  • Framing and agenda setting
  • McLuhan's "medium is the message"
  • Ajzen's Theory of Planned Behavior
  • Theory of Symbolic Interaction

Research to ensure measurable connection to sales.

  • Dealer and retailer network promotional ties
  • "Trickle down" use of parts from professional to consumer
  • Experiential associations between endorsees and event attendees
  • Incentives and fan engagement through media solicitations
  • Endorsee narrative that prompts consumer opt-in to data collection

When the required knowledge is acquired, an athlete and celebrity media "enlightenment" event will be developed. It's important to help athletes and endorsees to understand how well crafted media narrative will serve their sponsors and also enhance earning potential in their careers.

The training will be efficient and meaningful:

  • Scripted scenarios
  • Alternate scripts for different applications (i.e. media day vs. winner's circle, print vs. digital)
  • Practice sessions to familiarize the athlete with modern media engagement tactics
  • Awareness of timeline relating endorsee narrative and seasonal promotions

There is also a valuable component of training that will continue to propagate messaging that focuses on the consumer buying experience. Each athlete endorsee in the media training session will be mentored in crafting social media content that supports initiatives specific to product use and the related tie between consumer and endorsee sharing like experiences in that product category.

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