Greetings Dr. Mueller,

I wanted to share that I have accepted a brand new position with the Coffee Company I am using for our class in Social Media Strategies. I am going to be a Events and Partnership Coordinator! Thanks to what I've learned so far in our program (and even from the two weeks of assignments our class has covered) I was able to discuss social media planning using Hootsuite, and optimal target audiences during my interview, which I think really helped me get the job. I wanted to thank you for being the conduit to my knowledge so far- I know i'll be drawing from this class specifically on how to navigate this new role. Some of my responsibilities will be to work on digital marketing campaigns, newsletters, designing content in social media, and building customer connections to the brand in social media, as well as planning events. Just wanted to let you see the fruits of your labor in helping us succeed and grow professionally! Thank you !!!

Good evening Dr. Mueller,

I had the privilege of taking your COM class that was not in my curriculum of study. At first glance, I was in so far over my head that I thought there was no possible way I could pass with a good grade. What I discovered was that the professor had the pathway clearly marked for success. I only needed to take one assignment at a time to build the final project, he was there each step of the way. Clear expectations, instructions, and support made what seemed unattainable a wonderful success. From the many classes I have taken since beginning my post-secondary education, COM was the one that resonates with me as the most challenging and the most rewarding. I achieved more than I had imagined. I am as proud of my accomplishment now as I was the day I completed the project. I credit once again, your time and investment in your students. I want to thank you for the resource you have been and the difference you make in the lives of the students you work with. I am poised to graduate in May 2020 if all the stars align. My daughter is supposed to graduate December 2020. We have talked about me waiting and walking with her. How often does a mother get to graduate the same day as her daughter?

Dr. Mueller,

I hope this email finds you well. I just wanted to let you know that my volunteer position at Special Olympics VA was only temporary. My work was recognized by the organization and last month I accepted a contractor position as a freelance graphic designer. I am currently creating two books that will be dispersed to the local public school system in Virginia. In addition, the Special Olympics Dulles Day Plane Pull event is less than two weeks away. The advertising campaign work for that event is nearly complete, however, I will still remain their Social Media Marketing Coordinator for future events. It still seems quite unreal that I would become employed by the company I did my final project on. What's even better, I get to work from home while still being a stay at home mother to my youngest daughter. I have also shared the experiential text, used in your course, with my boss. He is enjoying it and finding it useful in some of our future experiential campaigns.