Does your organization invest in sponsorship media? what's the return for your investment?

What is it, your target customer wants to know?

Who crafts the message that resonates most and prompts purchase behavior?

Watch a major sports event media interview.

How often, does the endorsee tactfully integrate the sponsor message?

What is it about the media message that makes the content unique and captivating for consumers?

Let's develop a media plan that measures results. Subtle, yet effective content techniques that prompt customers to retail or digital promotions.

I'll hel you craft the messages that resonate with customers. And, it allows me to explore concepts and cases that directly relates to how I teach students.

Research is only as good as how it's presented. Making sure the decisions makers understand the purpose and outcome. Let's Make data analytics inviting and exciting. I'll help you sell the results.

university life. Teaching, research and service. a compassionate, ethical approach to advertising. students in preparation for a productive future. it's their time; let's do all we can to support the journey.

service award

I was awarded the 2019 Appalachian State College of Fine and Applied Arts Faculty Outstanding Service Award


Much of my research incorporates student teaching into the methodology. We explore the dimensions of psychology to identify predictors of behavior.

active Living rlc

Linking my passion for outdoor lifestyle with our Active Living Residence Learning Community. Students live together, learn together in a collaborative context.

better to show a student how to proceed, than to tell them how it's done. my youtube instructional videos serve the learning community.

I publish books. Because I'm passionate about writing. it's an exercise of the mind. a hobby, not a side hustle. click to order.

my backstory? motorcycle photojournalist. nascar champion's promo rep. pro rodeo publicist. powerboat marketer. sanctioning body exec. rally cars to X games. a little bit of willie tour.

Working @ Wasserman Media, Rally America to the 2006 ESPN X Games in Los Angeles. Stadium cross and Angeles Crest Nat'l Forest.

Dale Earnhardt's PR rep '86 and '87 championships. Artwork by my friend Sam Bass. Dale and Sam, gone but never forgotten.

Wrangler sponsored Willie's tour and we later hired him as lead entertainment for the Mercury Marine dealers meeting at Opryland.

Covering national motocross events in the early 1980's. Ten years later Director of Pro Racing @ the American Motorcyclist Association.

60+ fitness. endurance sport the past 35 years. triathlon, to the marathon, then ultradistance running. too many races to count. nine 100 mile finishes. Many bicycles. mountain bikes, gravel bikes, road bikes and commuters. Health and positive attitude through athletic motion.